Monday, February 16, 2009

Lotion as sandpaper? huh?

So this weekend I tried a product I bought on a trip to New York City in January. I try lots and lots of new products to see what is going on with the market, to get ideas for brands we might want to bring in, and to get ideas for products that I might want to make. So, I have this beautifully wrapped lotion bar in a Lavender scent. They call it "Body Butter" and it is in a bar shape. A little softer than most lotion bars, but that is ok.
I generally put all body moisturizers on wet skin, right out of the shower or bath so the skin is still very warm. I almost always use a body butter or balm in the winter months(lotion is mostly water by nature and kind of a waste of money and precious moisturizing time and effort in the winter) so I am used to the extra few seconds it takes to rub a body butter into the skin. Lotion bar/ butter bar type things usually melt fine on wet skin and I like them. YUUUUCK! Not this one!
I tried it twice, and I will try it one more time just in case the wet skin is a factor but this thing is really really odd! It feels like they put talc, or cornstarch or something nasty and gritty in the bar! It felt like it scratched across the skin as it was applied! It eventually sunk in... but what were they thinking with that nasty texture? I am gonna try their soap tonight. More on this later.
I will not be copying this product!


  1. Can you comment on the use of parabens in anti aging creams. I am using a cream that is very good, the results are actually quite amazing however, it does contain three paraben products.

  2. ok, parabens. That's a tough one to do in comments. I'll do a blog post on it.