Tuesday, February 24, 2009

makin' product!

Yay! My assistant just worked out how to make tub fizz!
One less thing for me to do!
Many of you know that ALL of the products under the ellenoire brand are created by me with rare exception. Once I create a recipe someone on staff gets to make it because I no longer have time. I used to make everything. From 1994 to about 2001 I made every single bath bomb, lotion perfume etc. Now I have to blog and market and do taxes and stuff. There are days I like doing the blogging and marketing and such(I don't really ever like doing the taxes), there are days I like making product. Mostly, I like creating the recipes and making them a few times... then I get bored. Making Bath Bombs can be relaxing, but after two hours when I am stuck in the basement covered in bath bomb dust from head to toe (except for the little area under my dust mask) .. then I don't feel relaxed! I just want a shower! Although...My skin is heavenly after showering all the shea butter filled bath bomb dust off me....hmmm.
This week I am experimenting with a new sugar scrub recipe. We made one for a customer that has lavender buds in it along with the lavender essential oil and I HATE it!(customer loves it BTW) because of the little lavender buds!!!!
My skin is gorgeous, my tub is covered in little black dots. So, now we are trying another recipe without the buds... but the buds add such a nice deep layer of fragrance that is warm and wonderful. Lavender absolute perhaps? Who else is nuts enough to work absolutes into skin care? Not many as far as I can see... tell me if you are!!!!
New Sugar Scrub should launch in about a week. Pop in and try some! It is still winter, but your skin does not need to look like it is!
I am off to have pancakes to fatten me up( as if I need that..)!! Happy Mardi Gras!!!

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