Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Noelle's skin care in a nutshell

I get asked often what I use on my skin. This has a two part answer. Tonight, I will give you part one.
The most important thing to note? Listen to your skin. One set of products is unlikely to fit your skin needs all year round.
What I use may not fit your skin, but rest assured I will help you find the right thing for you. Just ask.
I wash with two things. Soap and liquid soap. Organic, Unscented mostly or at least I don't ever let anything with artificial fragrance touch my face (or my body most of the time) Today I washed with Virginia's unscented glycerin soap (I have a large and varied stash of naturally scented soap in my house and I pick which one I want/ need)in the shower and smeared the Ellenoire Unscented Body Butter everywhere ...from head to toe. Tonight I will use the Ellenoire organic foamy soap and some Ellenoire wildcrafted Shea Butter. I use toner less often than I should, but my skin is wonky from chemo. I recommend that everyone use a toner at least once a day, best at bedtime. When I use a toner I use the ellenoire custom blended toner( we will help u pick one right for you)with witch hazel and rosewater on real cotton on just washed and still wet skin.
In summer I use the Suki line of moisturizers and brightening creams to moisturize.
I exfoliate at least twice a week. Mostly with the ellenoire sugar scrub with no added scent.
Did this make sense? It's late. I'll talk about skin nutrition sometime soon.
Keep asking questions...

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  1. Hi, hope this doesn't get posted twice but I couldn't get it to work the first time maybe the wind....?
    I use toner twice a day after cleansing and noticed that you wrote to use it on still wet skin? I always dry my face firts and then apply the toner
    Your blog is very informative, thanks