Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a week? really

ok, I am a bad bad blogger. It has been a whole week since I blogged for ellenoire.
Workouts, Monavie and not sleeping enough is taking lots of my time.
So, today I sent out an email about the store being almost totally on sale.
40% off most of the lines in the store. Some aren't on sale, for a variety of reasons: 1) Did you know I have contracts with some companies stating I am not allowed to put their product on sale? 2) I rarely put my bestselling lines on sale, but try to offer incentives to buy and special offers to my regular clients that love those lines.
Does that make sense?
Some people don't realise that although running a business can be hard, it is not any more complicated than running a home. In the store if there is no money coming in from sales, it is like having no job and trying to buy food.
If there is no money coming in, there is no money to buy anything. So, in slow periods at the store like these hard economic times seem to be showing us we may have this year there is very little money coming in.... so we cannot buy much. We offer sales to generate excitement, and CASH!
Then, we can buy more stuff for the store.

Between you and me, I hope this recession thing is hard, and fast... I know it will be hard... but man I pray it will be fast!
So, get in here... with the little you have.. and I'll trade you.. for more product for your dollar... and some lovely stuff to pamper yourself with in hard times.

Ask me anything, as always!


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