Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 things

ok, so the itch of the New Year and the scratch of the coming of Spring has me thinking. We are cleaning and creating, getting things ready to launch a curly haircutting service and ultimately a curly hair salon of sorts for late this year... buuut while working on this project I want to be sure not to neglect my non other client... my skin care, soap loving, and non curly clients.
As always I am working on new products, new fragrances and new lines to bring in to the store.
I wish, you.. my lovely clients would you please take a few minutes for me to answer me these 4 simple things? What do you looooove about ellenoire? What do you kinda not like/ hate about ellenoire? Is there anything that confuses you about what we do? Is there anything ( within the realm of natural, personal care) you would like to see us do, sell or teach in the future?
4 questions, that's all.
I would love to hear your short, long and detailed or whichever way you offer your answers... just. bring. it. on.
Love to you all this New Year. Later I will blog about why I have been out of bloggy touch for soooo long.

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