Saturday, May 1, 2010

create more, stir more, curl more... but wait!

So, things are complicated at this end of the ellënoire universe. It looks like in September we will be moving our store to a new location. No, this is not by choice. We do not own our building, and so we do not have a choice if the landlord wants us to leave. There is more to it than that, but I won't bore you with the details. So, here is the plan. Somewhere, within 15 minutes of my existing store we will be opening a new ellënoire store that will also include a curly hair salon. The salon will focus primarily on curly hair cutting and curly hair management but our stylists will all be fully trained to cut any type of hair. The salon will also offer hair colour, pintura (a special DevaCurl invention)highlighting all tailored to your hair type. We also plan to offer a selection of other services that you do not normally see in a salon. Yes, this will all be announced in due time. For now, you can wait with bated breath. The store will remain your best local resource for handmade bath, body & skin care filled with gorgeous natural ingredients and your choice of fragrances, or not. As always we will continue to offer our oft quirky blend of personal care products that compliment what we do. I will continue to create custom blended natural perfumes from essential oils and hopefully soon, we will have a new section of ready to wear fragrances developed by me. In the next few weeks we are launching a new bath, body, skin product line under our label. I will give you full details by the middle of May at the latest. Here are the things you need to look forward to with this new line: Simple, Affordable, clean ingredients, available for custom scenting, or unscented... but wait? Don't we already do this? Yes, but this will be different, better.... a perfect add on to a great collection of products. I can't wait to tell you more, so hold that thought. I have work to do!! P.S. Guest Hair Stylist David Lopez will be coming to cut hair again on May 14 for a few days... book your spot now!


  1. Can you do a treatment for NO hair? Knowing you, I'll betcha can. It all sounds wonderful!

  2. Dana, tell me more! Are you bald? Hair growth issues? Fill me in and I will try to help!
    email me directly: