Thursday, July 22, 2010

One word

As you all know I am leaving our location at 41 King Street west in September due to the lease being up and the landlord choosing not to renew. Today after almost 2 months of back and forth negotiations and waiting our possible new landlord is coming with the lease for me to sign. 40 days until we have to leave here and when I see her today I still have to change one word in the lease she wants me to sign. The lease negotiations have been nerve wracking at best. ONE WORD. That's all I need changed to go ahead with this location and I can relax a little. Cross your fingers, toes and everything else you can for today to go well. If we do not get this location then we will have 40 days to find a new one(which will be almost impossible in that time frame) and we'll have to close the store for an undetermined amount of time... which in about 1000 ways will make life very difficult. ONE WORD!

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  1. Why are you only giving info over Facebook now? I don't do Facebook but I do do blogs. I have you set on my Google Reader.