Monday, October 25, 2010

Special Guests coming to ellënoire!

Over the years many of you have become acquainted with ellënoire by seeing us on local television shows. Most of the time you see us doing silly things on CHTV's "CH Morning Live" with Lori DeAngelis and Lesley Stewart. We've shaved my head, we made Tim shave his face to show our shaving oil, we've done Lori D's hair from straight to curly, and adorned all manner of goofy hats. It's been awhile since you've seen us on the show, although I'm lucky enough to see our Lori, as she comes to our pop-up-salon to get her curly hair cut when our Celeb curly stylist is here from New York.
 Speaking of Celebs. This coming week on November 2nd we have some crazy fun on the way! Lori D is coming to do a show at our new little pop-up-store in Dundas and we'll be talking about all kinds of fun things. Early Holiday Shopping ideas, our new ellënoire everyday line and tons of other stuff...
I know, I know... you're wondering why it's taking me sooooo long to tell you who these celebrities are that are coming. I'm hesitant to tell you... really, our interim shop is so tiny and it can't possibly hold all of you and I'm afraid the front window won't be able to handle the pressure of the nose prints you'll be making on the glass as you try to catch a glimpse of Colin and Justin inside while we shoot the TV show!
Yup, you read that right! Colin and Justin......Our own HGTV Canada makeover mavens. Our scintillating Toronto Star columnists our fab Zeller's bedding designers and the best thing Scotland has sent us in years are popping by Dundas to see us at the ellënoire boutique!

So, flip on your TV's, set your PVR's because I can guarantee you this one will be worth dragging your ass out of bed for! Tuesday, November 2nd from 6am-9am LIVE from our store. Who knows what we'll get into!

Until then make sure you go for a click around the boy's website  ,it's completely fabulous and you can link to their twitter and facebook pages from here or there! 
While you are poking around be sure to enter their Glade room makeover contest! a lucky person will win a $15,000 room makeover with Colin and Justin.

  Trust me, we're as excited as you are but can you do me one favour? CH Morning Live is, as the name says a Live TV show... so, if you do decide to pop by the store for a little star gazing then be the lovely Canadians you are and be a tiny bit quiet. Please? We will do our best to see if the boys have time to stick their heads out to say hello. They are always very gracious to their many fans.
But loyal fans don't you worry,  if you have to work all morning or you've forgotten to pay the cable bill this definitely won't be our last visit from them... we called Glasgow and told them they can keep their tinned Haggis if we can have Colin, but we knew they only come as a boxed set so we traded Edinburgh Rock for Justin. As I type their silk velvet lined shackles are being installed in my basement so they won't be going anywhere!  ;)
... as the boys would say.. See you on the Telly!

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