Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you addicted to lip balm?

I am away on a rare thing for me this week.... a Vacation! I'm not somewhere warm like most people would choose to be in the winter because weather doesn't really bother me, so when I travel I go where I want when I want, when I can. So, I am in Britain where its damp and chilly.... but not dry and frigid like I understand it is back in much of N.A right now. My skin, my hair and my cuticles are stunningly moisturized!

    So, if you are smart back home in the tundra (it's -16C in my hometown today I understand) you are using lip balm like crazy to keep your lips from drying out. But, have you ever felt like you are addicted to it? I was, for years!!! I had a thing for a Dr Pepper scented one. I had one in all my pockets, purses and next to my bed!
 Well, here's your ingredient tip for the day...  Most people that use petroleum based lip balm are addicted because it feels good to put on but an hour later it feels like your lips are dry again . It's like the chinese food of cosmetics... great at the time.... kinda useless a little later. Many brands/ products with names ending in things like----line, ----tex, ---mex, ---syl etc. i.e. most lip stuff from the drug store is petroleum based... it won't do a damn thing for your lips but protect them from the elements... petroleum will never actually moisturize anything and it just rubs off on coffee cups and forks and then you swallow some because the molecule in petroleum cannot penetrate human skin. You may as well just kiss the end of the nozzle at the gas/ petrol pump after filling your car and rub that all over your lips.... Don't be fooled by the "with Aloe, "With Shea Butter" type lines either because if the main ingredient is petroleum it still won't let those good ingredients penetrate well anyway. Look for Balms with no petroleum, petrolatum, or paraffin in them unless you are planning to race the Iditarod next week, you really don't need the protection of petroleum on your skin.
 Yes, I sell stuff like this.. pop by the store or the website... you'll find petroleum free lip balm there...

 P.S. This rule goes for hair and your head to toe skin too! Petroleum goo sucks for human anything really...


  1. Thanks for hearing from you :) So nice and very helpful :)

  2. what's your take on castor oil? another common ingredient in lip balms and glosses.

    i personally don't like it. all it does in a lip balm just sits there on the surface of skin...

  3. I've not used castor oil for my recipes in years. It's kind of heavy and gross feeling to me, but there's nothing really wrong with it. It's vegetable based and has some interesting properties. Check this link out!