Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ellenoire news

Hi everyone!
I'm a  Bad Blogger/ Company Newsletter writer I know!!
Go ahead, scold me! I'll warn you, I have a lot to share today. I'm on a new eating plan and have TONS of energy and since it's cold and quiet in town I have time to chat with you!

I have some news for you, some questions I want you to answer and just some general info for you.

You've likely noticed but we are still hanging about in our temporary location at 53a King Street west in Dundas. We are hoping, praying, smoke signalling, dancing the real estate dance to be out of here soon and into a new location  with both the store and hair salon in the same space by sometime in the early summer. The fun part is trying to make sure we can stay here until our new (mystery) location is ready. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile we continue to create our fabulous handmade products, and expand the new ellenoire everyday line. Have you tried ellenoire everyday yet? We call it the EE line here in the shop. Simple lotions, Simple Body wash, and Simple Foam wash for hands or face. We should have a shampoo and conditioner in the line in time for summer. Our product testers have been asking for more of the prototypes we launched to them in December! Which means it's great.
Ellenoire Everyday is Good Stuff You'll Like!

I'm working on the new face care line and some teenage face care products too. Our Acne oil is flying off the shelves, it doesn't have a proper label yet- heck we only started making it for a client as a special request.  We shot the photo's for the new women's face care line, but I can't decide what to do for the teen line.  The inspired idea should come to me soon. Let me know if you have any ideas!

We have a great selection of stunning pashmina type shawls and scarves in stock for spring. Some are patterned wool and silk, some are pashmina cashmere and silk. Perfect spring colours and prints to dress up your outfits and keep you just warm enough no matter what the weather decides to do to us. I'm hoping to take some photos of the colours for you this week.

A little curly news.
I know many of you do not have curly hair don't understand why we specialise in curly hair and why we seem to talk about it all of the time. Please, accept out apologies if you feel left out. For the first time ever in many of our lives many "curly girls" have a safe place to come and chat about our curly woes and live frizz free. As an alumnus of the dreaded School of Frizz I can tell you it feels nice to know curls can be perfect if you want them to be. You straight haired people may often covet our curls, but I think that's only because you've never had to walk a mile in our frizz! :)
Until we have our salon open with our full staff of DevaCurl trained stylists awaiting your visit we continue to cut hair in our private salon location 2-3 days per month. Please let us know if you need an appointment. They fill up very fast and we are having trouble keeping up. We are planning to add another curly cutting session at another salon in the Niagara area in a few weeks. Would you like to join us for a haircut that day? Do you live in that area? or would you consider driving there for a haircut? Send me a little email and let me know if you would like to join us. If there is enough interest then we will consider doing Niagara Curly days on a regular basis. BUT. You have to let me know if you or a friend in that area would be interested!

Hmm, ok what else do you want to know about? I'm thinking about launching a ready to wear organic perfume line. What do you think? I could do some that are all certified organic, and some that are natural but not specifically organic. Are there any fragrances that you would like to see? Since I only use plant based imgredients there are a lot of scents I can't/ won't work with but there are hundreds many people either do not know, or had never thought of! I still create custom blended natural fragrances for those lucky customers that are willing to take the time to hang out with me for a few hours so they can leave with a special scent made just for their fragrance tastes and own something that smells fantastic on their skin. Custom blended fragrances will remain my favourite way to create scent, but I'm finally willing to start putting some ready to wear blends together. Funny huh? It only took 15 years of blending for me to get here. Are you ready for a new spring scent?

OK I think that is enough for today. Look out. I've been told by my business mentor that I should start shooting video for the blog soon too!
Ha! and you think I talk a lot on the blog when I get going? Wait until you hear me on video.

Cheers.... we will talk again soon!

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