Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Dear Curlfriends

 I hope this finds you well on a chilly Sunday afternoon. I’m just writing today to fill you in on a few things about the goings on in the curl world at ellënoire.

Many of you know by now that we have a full time curly hair salon located within our boutique, but I am writing today to confirm that you do. No more part time haircut availability. No more “private salon” aka my dining room…. Just a fantastic salon dedicated to curly clients specializing in the DevaCurl method, with a few appointments available for our straight haired friends ;). If you haven’t been in yet I hope we see you soon!

This week we have our special guest stylist coming back in from New York City to cut and colour hair for us. He will be working closely with our fantastic new stylist Sarah so she can get to know each and every one of David’s clients haircuts. Sadly, there will come a day when David will be too busy with the cast of Glee, or working on magazines across the globe to work at little old ellënoire and we want to make sure our local stylist is ready to take over. Sarah is trained as a DevaCurl inspired stylist and has been in the hair industry for 10 years. She has embraced the Deva method and has developed many clients at ellënoire already.

Please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment with either David or Sarah. David is here from January 30th- February 2nd and Sarah is currently available from Tuesday – Saturday with appointments available based on your schedule. Rest assured that we often book evening appointments to accommodate clients work schedules.

I am also hoping today to encourage you to add your name to our regular mailing list over at www.ellenoire.com. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a little box there to type your email into, from there you can choose which mailing list(s) to be on:  1) General ellënoire info, sales, promos, events list

and/ or 2) Curly Hair Events & Product Information List.

The detailed information below should explain how we do things at the salon. As always, feel free to get in touch with questions about your hair, product use or booking appointments. 

Hair at ellënoire

What we will do

We will cut all hair types, for all ages and genders.

We will cut your curly or wavy hair dry so we can see how it falls according to the Curly Girl/ DevaCurl philosophy

We will teach you how to use our sulfate free system so you can have perfect results at home

We will help you find a hairstyle that fits your style, and your lifestyle

We will dry your hair using only gentle hood dryers and state of the art curly hair dryers and diffusers

We will use only sulfate free and bubble free cleansers

We will use only silicone, petroleum & paraben free conditioners & styling products

What we won’t do

We will not chemically straighten your hair. Not now, not ever.

We won’t carve, slice, razor or tunnel your curls

We won’t rake, spin, twirl or otherwise change your natural curls’ shape

What we might do

We may consider straightening your hair with a blow dryer (aka “BlowFry”) but only after you are a customer with hair in outstanding condition and only by special request, for special occasions. We will never straighten/ blow out damaged and dry hair. Never.

Curly Hair at Ellënoire

Our goal is to make your natural hair texture look the best it can naturally, rather than try to change it with tools such as combs, brushes, rollers or hot blowdryers or straightening irons.  We are happy to cut, style and colour all hair types, but if you have hair that is anything other than stick straight, that is the texture we will work with and that is the texture you will leave with.

1) We sell the DevaCurl products on our website and in our store at all times.

2) The “Dry Talk”: a conversation in the store about how to use DevaCurl products the best, and in some cases a prescription for which items are best for your hair type/ issues. This is free and needs no appointment and takes about 15 minutes. This can be done on the phone also.

3) The "Full consult”: a chat with one of our stylists: 10 minutes or so, no charge.

4) The “DevaCurl Wet to Set”: a teaching session with one of our stylists. We do your hair with you so you can learn hands on how to use the products. $40 takes approximately 1 hour. Some clients will book the “Wet to Set” just when they want their hair to be perfect for a special event. You will leave with beautiful hair empowered with the knowledge of how to make it look the same at home.

5) The "DevaCurl Virgin Cut & Set" includes a consult, a haircut and full hair set with full teaching of how to use the DevaCurl products (so you can recreate perfect hair at home) for new clients $75. 90 minutes minimum based on the drying time of your hair. You will leave with beautiful hair empowered with the knowledge of how to make it look the same at home.

6) The “DevaCurl Vixen Cut & Set” Includes a consult, a haircut and full set for clients that have had either a “DevaCurl Wet to Set”: or a "DevaCurl Virgin Cut & Set” service (within the last year) $65 60-90 minutes based on the drying time of your hair

8) Trim/ Oxygenation - a quick trim for regular clients who have already had a "Cut & Set" or "Wet to Set" and just need a quick clean up in between haircuts to keep the hair looking it’s best. Suggested every 6-8 weeks. $20 for 15 minutes. The oxygenation service may be added to a "Wet to Set" for new clients.

We also offer services for children, full colour services, deep conditioning treatments and occasional visits from guest stylists with varying prices. Please ask when you book for price information about these services.

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