Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday stock update!

We had lots of new Bath Bombs made today by my new Bath Bomb elf. The Tub fizz is ready to be smashed and brought upstairs too. The new Organic Glycerine soap is made. The new Natural Pot Pourri is made and if my elves are very very good over the next two days the new face line will launch on Saturday. Oh, and the new Hair Butter and hair oil is ready.
The Aquis Towels will be back in stock tomorrow.... and we have lots of amazingly priced Aquis Hair Turbans.. the lowest price we have offered them in 10 years!
Silk pillowcases are back in stock.
New Holiday cards, fingerless gloves, sparkly party scarves, pashmina capes, stunning jewelery, badger balm gift sets, Mistral Soap.... and the list goes on. Of course we have gift certificates for both product and hair services and a full set up of products to gift the Curly Haired people in your life!
Come and see us, things are selling out fast and at this late date we won't have much time to restock things.
The store is open 7 days a week until the 24th and Thursday and Friday nights we stay open until 7 and on the 21rst we'll stay open until 8!
Get thee to the post office and follow your nose.... :)
Don't miss a glorious sniff of the Colin & Justin Candle line! We remain the only place in Canada that carries them!

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