Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Curls for Sale

A few weeks ago I told you about our newest stylist Victoria. This week, in lieu of a product sale we have decided to, in a way, put Victoria on sale. No, you may not take her home, but you are permitted to take advantage of her hair services at a 10% discount. Victoria has been with us for almost 6 months and already has loyal,returning clientele.
  Victoria specializes in cutting curly hair as all of my stylists do and has several years experience cutting straight hair too. Starting immediately we are offering a 10% discount off Victoria's services booked until the end of March and that's not all! When you arrive for your service you'll receive a gift from me, I'll have a lovely basket full of fun ellёnoire products for you to choose from.
 Throughout this week I'll be posting before and after shots of Victoria's work so you can see what beautiful work she does.
 Many of my store clients have never considered coming to the ellёnoire salon for a haircut. Are you one of these? Perhaps you don't have curly hair, perhaps you have straight hair and can't imagine what a curly hair specialist could possibly do with your hair. Perhaps you have only slightly wavy hair and have never considered trying a curly hair specialist. Whichever reason it is, let me assure you that all hair types are welcome at our salon and Victoria would love to see you. Have you ever had your hair cut dry rather than wet? Have you ever tried a sulfate and silicone free hair service rather than the harsh detergent and plastic resins bases used in traditional salons?

Are you ready for a total change in approach to your hair care. A more natural hair care experience? Take us up on this fantastic offer and give Victoria a shot!
Call the shop at 905 627 9379 to book.

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