Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby, if you ever wondered....

How did this whole ellënoire thing get to be where it is today? 
I found an old write up I did for something in 2010 before we had the salon. I thought it was a good one to share today since I have no time to write much. It's a festival week doncha know?  I'm just starting the second work shift of the day. Early shift is between 8 and 4ish for me on Mondays, and then I head back to work at 9ish for part two. For this festival week much of my time is being spent printing labels and signs, sorting through new and standard stock product to be put out in the big tent, making new recipes for surprise product launches and supervising staff making bath bombs, soap, bath salts and tub fizz. Like I told you last week, orchestrating a festival is a little like juggling cats. 

 This weekend is the Dundas Buskerfest, right outside our front door so we don't have to travel far. This year I will out of the country for the festival, so it all has to be ready 2 days early on top of everything. I've only missed 2 Buskerfests. One in 2009 for my 20th College reunion in Middlebury Vermont, and in 2011 to meet my Cancer sisters when we all travelled to Texas to visit a friend who was dying of cancer. This year it's my 25th College reunion (sorry Canadians, you don't really seem to have an equivalent to what US schools do for class reunions) and I'm off to hang out with old friends for 4 days. Luckily, I have lots of amazing friends, family and staff who are willing to take care of both my store and home stuff while I'm off. 

Everything in the store and in the big tent and on the website is tax free (the sale equivalent of tax free that is, the goverment makes me collect those taxes still)  starting on Friday, so don't miss this opportunity. Even the locals can shop online and pick it up later if you don't want to brave the crowds and the parking issues. We'll waive the shipping fee if you pick up of course. Use the code " Busker" on the website.... 
 Ok here's the post from 2010: 

What is ellënoire?

According to the BBC/HGTV television home makeover stars Colin & Justin: ellënoire is “Everything to do with grooming and staying beautiful” I think that is a perfect way to describe what we are. Walk in, tell us your grooming and beauty issues and we will help you fix them. Naturally.

Sure, there are things we specialize in like Natural Curly Hair Care, Custom Blended Natural Fragrances, Handmade Bath & Body Products (unscented, or scented as you like it) and fun personal care items from around the world but the big picture of what we are is deceptively simple.

Almost 20 years ago in my living room I started ellënoire with 3 gallons of Lotion & Bubble Bath, 11 fragrances and a HUGE dream of what this company would become. For totally selfish reasons I wanted the business to be my playground, a way for me to create fun products, make a living and never go back to having a “real job” ever again. Over the years my customers have kept me on my toes. Their repeated requests for certain products and services have shown me the path to making ellënoire what it is today. 

So, when you wander in and see a Towel for drying your dog, next to the makeup that Lady Gaga uses, beside a natural insect repellant and a snoring remedy near a whole section dedicated to curly hair it may seem quirky. Just know that the things in the store are here because 20 years of customers have told us that these are the things they what they want to make their lives easier, to make their skin better, to make them more beautiful.

Have a great weekend folks! Come by the booth and pester my staff and get great deals. I'll be here.... 

Or here......
Perhaps you've seen the area before...;) 

Yup... seriously, that's my old hood. I've never met Daryl though. See y'all when I get back! 

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