Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deva Dryer and DevaFuser info

In response to a comment yesterday about the DevaFuser I am going to tell you all about the fantastic DevaChan Salon line of products.
Many of my customers use the Deva line of hair products for their curly and Coloured hair. Deva is a line of hair products originally made for curly hair. The DevaDryer and DevaFuser products are the newest tools in this product line.

Deva products are silicone free, sulphate free and petroleum free. The Deva philosophy teaches curly hair client to fall in love with the hair they were born with from wavy to curly Deva is for you! At ellenoire, both online and in the boutique our staff is trained to teach the Deva way and we will do everything we can to help you have the best hair you have ever had! (Deva has a product for all hair types, just get in touch and we will set you up.. curly or not!)

Now, the DevaSunDryer is the patented DevaCurl hair dryer. It is a hair dryer with the DevaFuser included as a Diffuser type attachment. This is NOT like any diffuser you have ever used! The DevaFuser is a newly designed diffuser that allows air to blow 365 degrees around to dry your hair faster without making frizz or disturbing your natural curls. The combo of Dryer and Diffuser is AMAZING!!! The DevaSunDryer could dry my waist length super curly curls in 15 minutes!!! Totally worth trying! Come by the store if you can and see it for yourself.

You can buy the hair dryer with the diffuser or just buy the diffuser to attach to your own dryer. The DevaFuser will fit 99% of dryers and can turn your hair dryer into your friend!

The DevaSunDryer and DevaFuser are magical add ons to using the DevaCurl and DevaCare lines.
Come by for a Curly Hair demo at noon every Saturday, or get in touch and I will go through in detail how I can help you with your curls to make them FAB FAB FAB!

We were the first in Canada to have this line, and we are the only Deva supplier in Canada that will spend all the time you need to make your hair the best you have ever had it!

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