Monday, May 4, 2009

Are you preventing yourself from getting Cancer?

I get really mad sometimes when I talk to people about ingredients and try to educate them about the things I have learned about ingredients in personal care and food and how they relate to cancer and the environment and on and on... and then I find out they are still buying the same old things... Face Cream with Parabens, Hand Cream with Petroleum, Junk Food instead of fruit and on and on!

I DON"T CARE if you buy all your products from me! Of course I make a better living if you do, I can buy my son a better bicycle or re roof my house or whatever I want if you do buy your products from me... but if you learn from me and keep your skin and hair and body more healthy as a result and buy your stuff next door or across the street then GREAT!
I DO CARE if I see you on the street healthy and happy next week! I DO CARE that you don't have to go through what I went through with Breast Cancer. I DO CARE that you don't have to go through what my friends are going through because their daughter died from cancer this week
I'm not saying I can cure anything or guarantee you will never get sick. I am not saying you need to be perfect with your choices. I AM saying that you may want to take a better look at what you buy and what you use and make sure you are choosing things that have the ingredients that are good for your body! What you eat, what you smear on your skin, what you spray in your hair are all being absorbed into the cells of your body and potentially changing things for the better... but if you are not learning about what is in your products than you could be using products that are changing your body and all of it's cells for the worse!
I know I know... you are thinking... oh Noёlle just wants me to buy her products. She is going to tell me that her things are better than what I buy at the big box store, or the drug store and I can't afford to shop in her store. I can only afford to buy that stuff at the drug store that I see on TV and it says "nature" on the label so it must be ok... right?!

But..... do you KNOW that those products have no parabens(preservatives linked to cancer)in them? No sulfates (harsh dehydrating detergents) in them? No earth killing petroleum in them? No animal fat(oils for soap and dryer sheets) in them?

I have told you about my 90% rule right?
If you choose things that are good for you 90% of the time, then 10% is yours to play with. Wanna eat a Big Mac? Do the Math... did I have one already today? This week? No?. Go for it! Wanna wear that caramel, fake fruit, body spray from the drug store that you love the smell of? Did you use the paraben free stuff all week? Then Go for it!

Life is not that hard to run... if you run it smartly... Choose lots of Brightly coloured Fruits and Vegetables for their antioxidant qualities and how great they make your skin look and how great they make your body feel(and potentially prevent cancer) Choose lean(low fat) proteins to keep your body lean and strong. Choose healthy fats to keep your joints limber, your skin resilient and soft...

Easy right?
Skin care, hair care... the choices are as simple too!
Choose paraben free products as often as possible, soaps and lotions with earth friendly vegetable healthy fats and oils(local or organic if you can find/ afford to) Wash less, moisturize more.. that is a good rule head to toe...

Household products!
READ THE LABELS! Reduce allergic reactions in your house with scent free stuff and buy a steamer!!!

Here is an offer for the first 5 people who ask:
If you live in the Hamilton area and ask me I will come and go through your bathroom and kitchen for free (if not, I can do it over the phone) and tell you what is not great about your choices and help you make better ones. 1 hour, your house.. my knowledge and bossy attitude...the result? Potentially ? A healthier you!
Email me at

Questions? Wanna tell me you hate what I preach? Bring it on!
Comment below, or send me an email...

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  1. Noelle, thank you for that, wow, very interesting!! You are very articulate and really should have your "biography" published!!

    Do you have any advice about a good self tanner that will not streak or turn your skin orange/yellow? I have tried just about everyone on the luck!!