Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fake and Bake query

This is in response to a comment on my last post.

Here is a link to an Ideal Bite newsletter about Fake Tanning and products to fake a tan without cell damage.
The Derms are now saying that ANY skin colour change is cell damage from UV rays are risky.... CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!! Don't volunteer for it... wear SUNSCREEN!!!!!!
In the Ideal Bite newsletter it mentions two brands of Self Tanners. Lavera and Aveda.
Aveda does good work, but is owned by a less than perfect large company... but Lavera seems ok. I have tried the facial fake tanner called Faces Summer Glow Sunless Tan for the Face. It is available locally at the Horn of Plenty in Dundas. Tell them Noelle sent you. At the moment I am not planning to sell Fake and bake products... someday... you never know! Good Luck!

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