Monday, December 12, 2011

Grand Opening Fun!

I’m sorry, what did you say? It’s December 12th? Already? It only got cold here two days ago, how can that be?! Here we all are racing around getting ready for the holiday craziness and in Ontario for most of the fall we’ve had weather that was more like April. I really do believe that at this time of year weather affects our behavior more than any other. We “Don’t feel like its Christmas” until its cold out… (Then in typical Ontario nature we complain that it’s cold out)

I hope this finds you warm and cozy wherever you are.

This past 6 weeks has been a whirlwind for us at ellënoire! November 5th we opened the new boutique in the Old Dundas Post Office, and on November 18th we opened our new curly hair specialty salon within the boutique. Soon after, we went headlong into decorating for the Holiday Season and our Grand Opening events. There were many, many late nights making product, arguing over how to hang the ornaments from the ceiling and how high the tree should be and fighting with 12 foot long sheets of copper to create the overall effect in our gorgeous new spot. The ellënoire team seems tiny on any regular retail day but when needed we have magical ellënoire elves that appear out of the woodwork to go above and beyond to get things done.

Without the help of Doug, Steve and Heather the place would not have been decorated much at all. Skylar always managed to show up with the right tools, the time to make late night bath bombs and some stunning photographs to adorn our walls. John, my assistant always had his car full of just what we needed, soap made wherever we could find a clean surface and food ready just on time for the big party. The biggest help will always be Tim, my ever present jack-of-all-trades. On top of his hugely busy schedule Tim painted the whole store, hung the lights and the shelves then waved his magic wand to the copper sheets to make them look just like I had hoped.   A huge thank you to all who helped, I couldn’t have done it without you!

 Our Grand Opening party was a great success with lots of local business owners, friends and family out to celebrate with us. The food was plentiful, including meatballs from Phyllis at the Keeping Room, Cheese from Micky McGuire's Cheese and Magical Cheese & Hummus from Tammuz, my across the street neighbour. The bar kept everyone refreshed including a little of the bubbly stuff to cap off the evening! We had a plethora of awesome donations for our swag bags and draw gifts from both local businesses and our suppliers from around the world. Lucky, Lucky me! It was a fantastic night.

Check out who else came by to say hello!

Out in little old Dundas for our Grand Opening party! Colin & Justin sitting in our lovely new salon.

If you haven't been by to see our new boutique and salon we really hope you will! The response to our relocation to the Old Dundas Post Office has been nothing short of amazing. With the new Momentum Fitness Club upstairs, and some other businesses moving in soon the newly renovated building will be a great addition to our gorgeous little town.

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