Thursday, December 15, 2011

So much to see!!

As you may have seen in my last blog post we have been a very busy at the new boutique, getting the place decorated, open and stocked... Getting the new sulfate free/ Curly Specialty salon set up and opened. We have a fantastic new stylist on staff who has been fully trained in the DevaCurl method and is ready for new clients( both curly and straight!)  plus she's training to work in the boutique to take care of all of our customers needs. My assistant John has had a heartbreaking few weeks with a death in his family so has been away. I have been wearing the hats of owner, assistant, head cashier, salon assistant and on Tuesdays I turn into a student! Truly, in the world of ellenoire there is never a dull moment.

Holiday shopping has finally starting in the little town of Dundas, people have perhaps accepted that despite the weather the holidays will arrive nonetheless. I wanted to make sure you knew about all the new and fun things we have in store to help make your shopping easier.
  There are so many new products in the boutique they haven't even hit the website yet!

 12 ideas for your last 10 days of Holiday shopping

1) Natural, ready to wear fragrances from two stunning Natural Perfume Companies: Anya's Garden  an artisan perfumery in Miami Florida and 1000 Flowers made by a Canadian Perfumer living & creating in Grasse, France

2) A huge selection of Pashmina scarves, Silk & wool scarves, Sparkly evening scarves .... all of them $25 or less.

3) The cutest little brightly coloured accent scarves for indoor wear, the best teachers gift of the season priced at $5!!

4) Soap, soap, soap and more soap! Handmade (by us)  Glycerine soap in tons of cool colours and natural fragrances, Handmade (by us) super fatted soap (the best way to wash in a dry climate!) Fun loofah scrubby soap from Virginia's soap of Manitoba, French Soap from Mistral back in stock on Monday Dec 19th, Black soap from Magno of Spain racing it's way to us due to popular demand.

5) The list of products handmade by the ellenoire elves is never ending! Extra Rich Lotion, Emollient Body oil, Exfoliating Sugar Scrub,  Acne Serum, Facial Mist & Toner, 100% pure Shea Butter, Bath Bombs, Tub Fizz, Bath Salts, Men's all purpose lotion, AfterShave, PreShave oil, Organic Shaving Foam... all unscented unless you request otherwise.

6) Our new line: ellenoire everyday.... Organic Body Wash, Organic Body Lotion, and Organic Foamee Soap available in unscented (ready for custom scenting, or not) Lavender-Lemongrass, Vanilla-Bergamot all scented with essential oils.

7) Victoria Trading stunning Victorian style cards, stationery, robes, hot water bottles, wrapping paper, gift bags, hand mirrors...

8) Yala (formerly Dreamsacks) silk pillowcases( for perfect curly hair the morning after), silk travel sleeping bags, Bamboo bedding, bamboo clothing, bamboo nightwear

9) Aquis Microfibre: Super Absorbent Towels, Robes, for everyday, travel, sports and dogs... ya dogs.

10) Muscle Mist: our 10 year bestselling Natural spray form painkiller for everyday muscle pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

 11) Cool new mens' gear: Fedora's and Silk Bowties and super soft winter scarves

12) And last but totally not least... the largest local selection of
 Badger Balm: balms , creams and oils.
 DevaCurl: cleansers, conditioners and styling products for naturally curly hair.
Sports Suds:  get the stink out of clothes and sports gear wash.
 Marjoram Stop Snoring diffusers
 Eshave luxury shaving tools and creams
 Betty: haircare for the "hair down there"
Face Atelier cosmetics: Canadian made, professional makeup for a grown woman.

Phew! Given how crazy, bananas, nuts we were today if I were you I would get in touch or drop by ASAP! We are open 7 days a week in the Old Post Office at 104 King street west, Dundas, by phone 905 627 9379 and email:  We ship daily and as long as your order arrives by December 20th or so we should be able to get it to you on time, for the holidays.... in North America anyway. Get in touch for shipping info or to book a hair appointment, or pop by to say hi, or to bring the staff much needed sugary, caffeinated treats to keep them going for another few days! ;)

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