Friday, January 13, 2012

Sniffly, Stuffy, Sinusy, Silliness

This time of year is so yucky for being sick. Colds, fluey type illnesses, dried out nostrils and all manor of headachey and sore throaty maladies are on deck for winter. Here in Southern Ontarioland we have had an odd winter season: everything from bitter cold, to Aprillike temps, to Novemberish damp, and today it's lovely and snowy. Everyone I know has had some of the above symptoms and if they haven't they know it's inevitable that Mr Illness could show up any day.
Enter stage left? Muscle Mist! Who? What? Muscle what? For illness? My stuffy icky nose?
You bet your bottom dollar Muscle Mist is magic for all that ails you!

So, here's the story.... My friend Carol has fibromyalgia. In 1997 she created a product that would help her with the intense pain that fibro can cause. It was similar to an Herbal concoction she had bathed in for her pain. Muscle Mist was created to be a portable version of those pain relieving baths.
So, if you have fibromyalgia, this is the best product on the market to help your pain without drugs or chemicals.

The cool part for those of with other types of ailments is that it works for a zillion other things!
Here's the list of things our beloved Muscle Mist is great for...

Fibromyalgia- spray the affected areas liberally , don't rub just let sink in
Arthritis - spray the affected areas liberally, don't rub just let sink in
Sore Muscles & Joints (yes, all of them- back, knees, neck, shoulders, etc) -spray the affected areas liberally, don't rub just let sink in
Headaches -spray the back of your neck and/ or spray your a couple of finger tips and apply to face below cheek bones, temples and any other headache pressure spots, let dry then wash your hands.
Muscle Spasms & Cramps- spray affected areas liberally. I used for leg cramps I got during chemotherapy everyday!
Workout Pain- Spray before a workout to help muscles warm up, and spray anytime after a workout. I love it for the day or two after a tough workout when I can't climb the stairs!

Sinus pain /and congestion from colds or allergies- spray your a couple of finger tips and apply to face below cheek bones
Sinus Headaches- as above for Sinus Congestion and Headaches

Spray your chest, apply to face (as above in Sinus Section) the pillows in the whole house before bedtime

Menstrual Cramps-and the headaches and back pain that your visit to the Red Tent creates.
use as above for body pain and headaches
Pregnancy Pain- use with caution and only after first trimester. The product contains peppermint oil which is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Mosquito, Bee Sting, Black Fly, Poison Ivy Rash etc- apply spritz or two to affected area to stop pain and itching

Seriously! A Canadian made, Water and Plant based, Spray form pain killer with no narcotics, no side effects AND it can do all the stuff I just said? GET SOME! NOW!

Oh, and did I mention it's been a bestseller here at ellënoire for 10 years?
Muscle Mist- Magic in a Bottle

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  1. Hello Noelle,

    Great information-muscle mist sounds wonderful! I wish some of the snow you have up in Canada would make it's way down here to New England. It's a strange snowless winter! Thanks for helping spread joy in January.