Thursday, July 12, 2012

In the Swim?

This morning a client emailed me about swimming and her hair and how to swim in chlorinated pools without hair damage. When I was writing back it occurred to me that you my ellenoire-ites might benefit from this tip too.
This tip is for all hair types, but especially important if your hair is dry, damaged, curly or artificially coloured.
N.B. Lots of salt pools are still chlorinated, just to a smaller degree. Step 1 is key for all sun and swim time to prevent damage. Step 2 is key for chlorinated pools.

 To prevent chlorine damage takes 2 simple things.
1) Prevent chlorine from getting into the hair.
2) Neutralize what may have got in.

When you go to the pool prepare two bottles of conditioner. One plain, One with a tbsp or two of lemon juice in it.

Almost any kind od condtioner will do, but we always suggest you avoid conditioners with sulfates, petroleum & silicones.
Here are the Steps:

1) Before you enter the pool put plain conditioner in the dry or wet hair (avoid the skin if you wear a bathing cap or it will sling shot across the room. I kid you not)  

2) When you get out of the pool, rinse the hair well (don't wash the hair, it's pointless. You cannot wash chlorine out, you have to neutralize it) then apply the lemon conditioner and run in through the hair well then rinse well.

3) Apply a little of the plain conditioner, rinse and style as usual.
That's it!
 Play Safe!

Cheers, Noelle

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