Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of Mums, Scots and their Candles in Canada

My faithful readers will know that my beloved Mummy was a big part of the start of my business. During preparations for selling things at our church's annual "Holly Fair" (Have I told you this story? I don't know. Read it anyway) Mummy would make natural pot-pourri and candles. Between the Health Food store, Tandy craft stores and our garden she managed to get enough things together to make it all. I was her happy little helper. I still have all her candle moulds and random other ancient items. I've tried to make candles over the years, but I didn't want to use paraffin wax like she did-there were very few choices back then-and my experiments with beeswax were less than stellar. I have thought about trying to make soy wax candles but the last few years have been so crazy I haven't taken time to do the research and development aka playing around with it.

Every week someone comes into the store and is shocked that we don't carry candles. I bring some in at Christmas time, but not consistently because most candle companies insist on using artificial fragrances which just give me a headache and my policy in product choices for the store is clear. If I or my staff won't use it, I won't sell it. Everything in the store has been used by one of us before it hits the shelves with no exceptions.

In 2011 friends of mine launched a candle line handmade by them and their family in Scotland. I knew based on their lovely taste in decor that the candles would be just as lovely but I was pleasantly surprised that they had chosen to use only natural fragrances and soy wax in their candle line. In November for the grand opening of our boutique they brought me a couple of their creations and I was delighted to give them a try. One of the Cedarwood & Rosemary container candles sat next to my bed for months and was a delightful scented way to fall asleep (you don't need to light good quality candles to get the scent). One of the Scots Pine boutique candles got me through a power outage so I could still read! I soooo loved these candles!!

 Oh wait, those aren't the candles! Those are the friends that make them! ;)

So here we are a few months later, after a few queries, and attempts at trying to work out timing and how to get candles across the "pond" without costing an arm and a leg and we have them!

Yes! That's right! For the first time in a Canadian shop ellënoire is the first stockist of the C&J Home range of candles. 
Available in 6 stunning scent blends using renewable soy wax & essential oils as fragrance, as described by Colin and Justin.....

"We’ve carefully mixed the relaxing woody tones of lavender, one of the world’s most popular aromas, with a dramatic undercurrent of zesty lime to create a heady fusion scent that will lift and invigorate the atmosphere. Stimulating to the max, our double L combo is fresh, clean and romantic. Just what you need to lift your spirits in an ever more stressful world!"

"Waves of sweet, zesty orange dance around subtle hints of Patchouli to create a balanced scent pairing that will stimulate and freshen your home or work environment. Combining classic citrus tang with Patchouli’s sensual, earthy aroma is an aromatic coup de grace and one that will cut through and lighten even the darkest atmosphere"

"May Chang oil, when carefully distilled, expounds a deliciously fresh, invigorating bouquet. Known as ‘Mountain Pepper’ in Mandarin, May Chang’s revered lemony perfume is utterly uplifting and composed with spicy, invigorating ‘notes’. We‘ve played the peppery package along side hints of aromatic Bergamot (best known as a scenting ingredient in earl Grey Tea) to unleash op

Cedarwood & Rosemary

 "By combining the incense-like woodiness of soothing, luxurious Cedarwood with the fresh pine notes of Rosemary, we‘ve fashioned a luxurious, heady aroma that may help combat the stresses and strains of everyday life. It’s all about the combo; Cedarwood’s woody-balsamic undertones will tempt relaxation while the uplifting effects of Rosemary will assist in energy balance and aura cleansing"


Scots Pine

"Capturing the spirit of the Highlands, our Scots Pine scented candle evokes woody, rolling hills and deep water lochs. Imagine Robert Burns waxing lyrical about the joys of nature; he’s sitting in a white washed Northern cottage and his imagination is running free. So too will yours with our romantic Scots Pine aroma. The very essence of Scotland, this lovingly prepared scent is rugged, grand and heady. Light the wick and enjoy the relaxing ambience as it swirls around your home"

"We’ve taken natural Geranium oil - famed for its floral, minty bouquet -and blended it with succulent Mandarin to create an aromatic marriage that is energizing, heady and uplifting. The result is a sophisticated modern home scent that will appeal to both genders in equal measure"

So, you see, it all ties together....  My lovely Scottish mum and her Candles in Canada and My equally lovely Scottish friends Colin & Justin and their Candles brought to Canada. I hope you come by straight away to sniff a few, or take a chance and order from our website. Trust me when I say, these candles smell every bit as beautiful as the C&J decor you have enjoyed on TV over the years!

We'll be burning a different candle everyday in the store this week and talking about it on our facebook page If you are local pop in and follow your nose!!

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