Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The New that is News

Did you see our newsey newsletter a couple of weeks ago?
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I am writing today to remind you about some of the great products mentioned in the last newsletter that we have to get you through the rest of this summer.

Here is why you MUST own these things for all your summer adventures!

Muscle Mist-takes the sting out of mosquito bites... along with all its other amazing pain killing, sinus congestion, headache fixing skills it has!

Aquis Towels -Sand won't stick to them!

Sports Suds Suds- takes the stink out of workout gear AND smelly sandals!

Badger Balm... Organic Sunscreen, After Sun Balm
and so much more...

 Here is the link to the full newsletter.....don't miss the coupon at the bottom!
YA you heard me... COOOOOUPON! But you have to read the letter first... don't print it... just show up to the shop or online store and mention the coupon to save $$$$$$...

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