Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Curly Story ever!

I had to share this with you!
 One of my longtime DevaCurl product and hair salon clients has been sharing the products with her young daughter but earlier this summer was the first time Mimi came to the ellënoire salon to get her hair cut.
Mimi's mom sent us this note today after Mimi returned to school from summer vacation:

 "I would really like to thank you, Noelle, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me and my daughter the Deva Curl way. Mimi is 12 and has spent most of those years being teased about her appearance for one reason or another. Today she came home with a story to tell that caused happy tears for a change- she totally choked up. She told me that people in school are coming up to her and telling her that she has the most GORGEOUS hair they've ever seen. People are playing with it and trying to tuck their fingers into her curls. She was absolutely glowing with happiness. Thank you, Noelle, for showing me the way, David for my beautiful cut, John for your help in the store, and Sara for your patience with Mimi- taking the time to explain things step by step as you gave her the first haircut to make her cry for a good reason."

Kids are so beautifully honest, which of course means they can also be terribly cruel. I am so glad for Mimi's sake that something so simple like wearing her hair natural brought out the appreciative nature of  her classmates. The fact that in a world where flat-irons, blowfryers and other hair torture devices are being marketed to little girls alongside their back to school gear there are still kids who can fall in love with someone else's gorgeous natural curls.

Later I'll tell you about the confused curly girl in the drug store asking her mom to buy her a curling iron and how I stopped that from happening. ;)


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