Thursday, January 16, 2014

An Angel in Disguise

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I Hope your holiday season was wonderful, quiet, crazy, and all of the things you needed it to be. The ellënoire staff are back at our normal schedule, inspiring curly haired clients to live natural and frizz free, making fun and functional soap, creating new recipes for awesome skin care creations and scouring the earth for new products to introduce to you.
We have a new curly angel in the ellënoire salon!  We are pleased and excited to introduce you to our newest stylist, Victoria.  Some of you have met Victoria in the salon while she was training through the fall. Victoria is a vibrant, young woman who I attended hair school with. In a bit of a gamble I offered Victoria a job this summer after we had completed the program,  hoping to entice her to come over to the curly side. Thankfully I gambled on the right girl and Victoria has turned out to be a curly angel in disguise!  Right away when we met in hair school I knew Victoria had curly hair. She had over processed, over coloured, painfully over- straightened, curly hair. Each week as I drove her home from Niagara Falls  and we got to know each other she asked me if the products I talked about would help her damaged hair and if so could she still wear it straight. Well of course I knew they would, but she always had an excuse not to try them.
It turned out my job offer came at exactly the right time for Victoria as she wasn’t very satisfied with the salon she was apprenticing at. Victoria started with us in the summer.  In fact we attended our hair school graduation together, myself as a sylist and salon owner and her with a great new job moving her career forward. Now, after 4 months of training in the ellënoire salon and her Level 1 DevaCurl Inspired Stylist course completed Victoria is more enthusiastic than I could have hoped for.  Even better she wears her hair curly every day.  Just last week when asked how she was finding working in a curly specialty salon as she replied “This is so much more satisfying than a regular salon!”  Welcome aboard Victoria!

For those of you who have not visited our salon yet, you can rest assured that both of my stylists are very excited to show up to work each day which is not something I ever recall seeing in a traditional salon…. And yes, we cut straight hair too!

P.S. Watch out on this blog, facebook, twitter and linkedin next for our new weekly sales event every Monday starting January 27th !

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