Monday, January 27, 2014

Unscented Laundry week aka When a hug equals a headache

Unscented Laundry week!

This week we are introducing a new sales feature in the store and on the website. On Mondays I will introduce you to a product that you may not know about and then we put it on sale Friday for the weekend!  Sports Suds and Wool Dryer Balls are the products of the week on sale for 20% off the retail price!  Sports Suds is bar none the best unscented laundry product I've ever tried.  It's a simple white powder that was originally designed to get the stink out of sport and yoga type clothes, and I’ll tell you lots of cool ways it will take stink out of almost everything you own.  I use it for all of my laundry, all of the time. Wool Dryer Balls are a very neat, eco friendly way to get your clothes dry with no static and no scent......

Every day I will mention something good, fun or useful about this product here and on all our social media pages: FacebookTwitter, linkedIn etc.  On Friday morning the product(s) will go on sale until the following Monday.  You can reserve your product purchase by phone or email or order it online to hold it at the sale price for pick up or shipping starting on the Friday.

Here is why I think you should try them.....

Sports Suds are Canadian, Simple, Earth Friendly, Sustainably sourced and the product does exactly what they say it will. The happy people at Sports Suds up the road a bit in Milton make sure all Sport Suds products are made from naturally occurring ingredients of non-animal origin are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  They DO NOT contain dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners, bleach or perfumes and there are no additives or fillers to create bulk and weight.   All Sport Suds products are safe for septic and grey water systems, highly biodegradable and certified safe for use in small lakes and streams (OECD 301A).  And of course, they never test on animals.

Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls are Canadian, Reusable All Natural Wool Balls that last for hundreds of laundry loads.  What's a Dryer Ball?  You use them in your dryer as a replacement for disposable dryer sheets and/ or, synthetic fabric softener to soften clothing, reduce static cling and wrinkles.  Felted wool absorbs water and regulates humidity level in dryer.  The unbleached, undyed balls bounce around your dryer (making a lovely, peaceful bonging sound by the way) separating clothed and helping them dry faster reducing dryer time, saving electricity, time and money.  They work with all clothing types including cloth diapers, blankets, towels and down jackets.  Wool fibres do not come off on clothing.

You can buy these awesome products at an even better discount if you buy them together in the Unscented Laundry Week Special! Save and extra 5% on top of the 20% off I am already offering grabbing this deal!

AND this, is WHY it's Unscented Laundry week!

It's funny you know while I was starting to write this post I found out that today apparently is "National Hug Day" and I was working from home so I was not forced into any random acts of hugging.  You see, I'm not much of a hugger.  Sure, if you've known me for a long time and you haven't seen me for a long time then go ahead, but other than that I don't really get the hug thing.  If you must hug me, ask permission please. I understand some people get joy out of the process; some inexplicable warm and fuzzy feeling or some such.

What isn't funny?  It seems about 90% of people that hug me have some form of synthetic scented product molecule on their person and given my sensitivities that hug means little to me but an immediate unpleasant sinus reaction that leads within minutes to a very painful headache and there ain't nothing warm and fuzzy about that.

If you buy your fragranced products (Body Spray, Cologne, Perfume, Laundry soap, Dryer sheets, Laundry additives, Deodorant, Lotions, Candles and so on and on) in a department store, drug store and yes, a pretty little gift store even a health food store in some cases you probably reek of a synthetic fragrance.  I had a medical procedure yesterday and the nurse who put in my IV and the Doc doing the procedure were covered in synthetic scented yuckiness.  I hadn't eaten solid food in 29 hours and had consumed no fluids of any sort for 9 hours by the time I met the Doc..... my reaction was extra lovely given how heightened my senses are during deprivation like that and they are both darned lucky my stomach was empty or I surely would have made their shoes aware of how nauseous their fragrances made me.  Fragrance free environment my ass!

You should know by now at ellënoire hand makes a huge percentage of what we sell and almost 90% of it is left totally unscented on the shelf and is scented (with only essential oils and truly natural ingredients of course) if you request it.  Finding unscented products on the market is very hard for us sensitive people and I have a tough time finding any to sell other than my own brand.  Many large companies call their unscented products "Scent Free" but in most cases a "Masking Agent" ingredient is used to stop the fragrance receptors in your brain from detecting the chemicals they did not take out.  They may have taken out the scents, but they left the other yucky chemicals the scent was covering up in the first place.

Personally, after finally discovering a world with very few, if any artificial scents, masking agents or yucky chemicals I've found more than ever that I like the scent of real things.  The scent of people is quite pleasant most of the time.   The scent of unscented people wearing unscented cloth is kinda cool too.  Did you know cotton, smells different than wool or silk or....?  I bet many of you have never smelled the scent of totally unscented laundry.

Someday I'll explain why we would all get along better in the world if we weren't all covered in fakey-fake scents all the time.

But for now, try the fun, functional products I mentioned above, or try the unscented laundry week special.

Don't forget, we’ll be announcing a new spotlight sale early each week and start the sale every Friday!

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