Monday, February 3, 2014

Sugar Scrub Sale

Have you been keeping up with the new sale program I introduced last week? This week we'll fix your dried out winter skin with 20% off our handmade Demerara Sugar Scrub. The 8 oz jar is $20, and the 16oz is $28.  Bar none, this is the best product to scrub away the winter blahs. You'll have softer hands, face, body and even scalp! The sale is on this weekend from Friday to Sunday so hurry and get your order in!

Why is scrub the most important step in winter skin care? Read on...

Oh winter, it really is the topic of the last few weeks for many of us in places that have been hit hard with multiple drastic weather changes. Many people in this part of the world are scrounging to get south or alternately complaining bitterly about the ice, the snow, the shoveling and the dry cold air. I'm not one of the complainers since I love the snow and just accept all the trappings that go with it.

I think all of us can agree that the dry skin, cracking cuticles and dry hair and scalp that come with the lack of moisture in the air is the worst part of it. The special this week is our ever popular Demerara Sugar Scrub. I've posted about scrub before and scolded many people for not wearing gloves outdoors in the winter over the years.

It's funny though, I read a lot of other blogs and about scrubs both for sale and handmade and for some odd reason people think scrub is only for hands. Do you want to feel like a million dollars? Do you want your skin to feel like you have the best skin in the room under all your winter layers? Then scrub a dub! Book a time, once a week and get to it. Draw a bath, or start the shower and take your scrub and some nice fluffy towels and plan on using 1/2 cup of scrub or more. Get your skin and head wet, put a tablespoon or so in your hand and apply to your dried out scalp. Yes, you heard me, your scalp.... then work your way onto your face, and all the way down your body until you get to your feet. Be careful with sensitive parts of your body or places you break out a lot. Be more aggressive with the drier parts like elbows, knees and heels..... and don't forget those hands and cuticles. Scrub until the crystals all dissolve and wash away.  Rinse yourself well, so no more sugar crystals are left behind.  Now, your skin should be glossy with natural oils, so pat dry or wrap up in our favourite robe and revel in how soft our skin feels. No need for lotion or oils after this product, but you can keep up the feeling all week with a petroleum free lotion, oil or balm.  The scrub is simply helping to take away a layer of dead skin allowing the new, softer skin underneath to breath and drink in moisture.  We even use it in the salon for scalp and hands.

Don't forget, our Demerara Scrub goes on sale this Friday for the weekend of February 7th-9th for 20% off the regular price and you can have it scented any way you like!

Feel free to pre-order on the website or at the shop or by phone to reserve your jar at the sale price, and watch out for my posts for other tips and tricks on how to use scrub.

Stay Warm!


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