Monday, February 10, 2014

Organic Body Wash & Body Lotion Sale

Have you been keeping up with the new sale program I introduced in January? This week we’ll introduce you to the bestselling products from the ellënoire everyday Body Wash and Body Lotion at 20% off the regular price. Body Wash for $12 and Body Lotion $13.60 for 500ml/ 16oz starting this Friday.
The ellënoire everyday line has 70% or more organic content and even at full price is the least expensive organic body line per ml on the market in Canada. The sale is on this weekend from Friday to Sunday so hurry and get your order in!


Why did we call it “ellënoire everyday Body Wash” and “ellënoire everyday Body Lotion”? Read on to find out….
  A few years ago my Tim and I were trying to work out why we just weren’t selling as much body wash and lotion as we thought we should be.  After all, each of the Ellenoire products were high quality, handmade, paraben free and even custom scented.  We decided that I needed to create a line that people would choose as their basic products to use every single day. What do most people use every day? Soap or Body Wash and some sort of Lotion was the answer. I kept telling him we already had those things in our product line up and I didn’t know why people couldn’t just see past the pretty label with my picture on the front at how these were great products to use daily. I was using them daily, he was using them daily and a lot of my customers were using them daily but it wasn’t enough. We needed a way to get people to replace their basic drug store level product with something we had created and convince them that it was better for their skin than those chemical ridden products. We also had to convince the people that were already buying organic and clean products at their local health food store that ours was better, less expensive and available in their choice of natural fragrances or totally unscented.  I came up with some great formulations but we still had to get the message across that it was all those lovely things, but for everyday use… well why not put that right on the label?  And this is how the ellënoire everyday line was born.

The two main products in the line are the Body Wash and the Body Lotion. We decided not to name them anything other than exactly what they are. We even labeled them in a way that suggested they were kind of generic, simple, and basic. Tim wanted people to look at the label, know exactly what they were looking at and buy it. The people who desired the natural ingredient info got exactly what they needed on the back (some people never, ever look at ingredients, some people care about nothing else, this product was set up to satisfy both types) Ellënoire everyday is 70% or higher organic content (close to 100% in the Body Wash) vegan safe, kid safe, paraben, silicone, sulfate and petroleum free. I compared the bottle size and the per ml price of every comparable organic body product I could find locally and online in Canada and made sure ours came in a bigger bottle and was the least expensive. You can bring the bottle in for a refill for a 10% discount. Both products come in unscented, a lavender and lemongrass blend, and a vanilla and bergamot blend. All scents are pure essential oils and the unscented is available for custom scenting with 1 of our over 100 essential oils for a small charge. The products do exactly what you imagine they should they are simple, straight forward, with no BS. The Body wash cleanses your skin gently but doesn’t strip your skins natural oils or leave a greasy petroleum residue like some of the moisturizing body washes on the market. The put that gunk in to mask the fact that the cheap detergent in the wash strips your skin of oils like paint remover strips paint. It’s gentle enough to wash your face, but only use the unscented if you have very sensitive skin.

The body lotion is light, luxuriously smooth and fast absorbing but leaves your skin feeling like you can pick up paper and get dressed soon after using it. I love the unscented one for face and body but use a scented one for special occasions since it leaves a whisper of natural scent that only I and the people that I let hug me can smell.

 I fought for the better part of 3 or so years with Tim on creating this line. I am notorious in our history of working on this business together for the last 11 years in coming up with reasons not to implement his ideas. The day we launched the product line in 2010 at a festival here in town we (I was anyway) were shocked at how quickly we sold out.  The line had remained a bestseller ever since. Everyday someone comes in to take advantage of our refill service.

  I thought Tim’s “brilliant” tag line for the product: “Good Stuff You’ll Like” was the most ridiculous of all his ideas. It turns out, he was right there too. If it comes from ellënoire there is no question it is good stuff, if I won’t use it myself it won’t go on the shelf … and clearly when the packaging and line ideas come from Tim you like it!

Try ellënoire everyday this week at amazing prices: Body Wash for $12 and Body Lotion $13.60 for 500ml/ 16oz starting this Friday for the weekend of February 14th-16th.  Good stuff you’ll love!
Feel free to pre-order on the website or at the shop or by phone to reserve yours at the sale price, and watch out for my posts for other tips and tricks on how to use these great products…. Everyday!


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