Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Soapy soap sale!

 Week 4 of the fun new weekly sale program and y'all seem to be jumping on board with our ellenoire weekly sale campaign. I have a client who is 4 for 4 in this program and has shown up every week to take advantage of the savings and learning more about our products. This week all of our soap is 20% off the regular price starting on Friday.  Luxurious hand made 

ellënoire soap from $4.80 and our long time favorite Vermont Soap for $6.00.  Ellënoire Foamee Liquid soap is $5.60. Choose Unscented or choose from our extensive selection of scented versions. 

Here is why you will love the soaps we make and sell.....
Did you know that it was one little bar of soap that started all the passion I have for the cosmetics and beauty industry in the first place? I think I was about 9 and for a gift I was given a little round bar of peach colored soap, with a fragrance I thought was the best thing I'd ever smelled. I know now it was a simple European style floral likely made with synthetic ingredients but I would never have known that then. I kept that soap in my sock drawer and closed my eyes and sniffed it whenever I came across it. I still have that bar of soap. 

Many of the locals in my little town refer to my shop as the "soap store" which you likely know is only partially true. Because soap is such a big part of my original passion you will find lots of it in my shop. We make lots of soap in house and bring in many brands from around the world. Our selection has changed many times over the years and that is mostly due to my ongoing learning about ingredients although we still carry some fun/ highly processed soap. Everything in life should be at least a little fun. 

This week I'll post lots of mini posts about ingredients you may want to avoid when buying the soap you use daily. I'll help you understand the fun soap too and why using those daily may not be the best choice for your skin. I've gone into detail about soap ingredients before, but I meet  someone everyday who just uses the soap with the bird on it, or the soap named after the elephant tusk because they are cheap and when I tell them what's in their soap they're kind of shocked. I'll try not to be too preachy about the ingredients for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I believe my customers are smart enough to make informed decisions and I'm here to inform not to judge.  

So! Bring on soap week!

Don't forget, 20% off every bar or liquid soap in the shop from Friday to Sunday. You can pop by the shop and we'll take phone, email and web orders all week and have them ready for pick up or shipping for Friday at opening. You will receive the discounted price no matter how you order. 

 P.S. Watch out on this blog, facebook, twitter and linkedin for our weekly sales event updates starting every Monday!

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